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Quick Life

Quick Life is a revenue sharing model for financial advisors, insurance agencies, affinity groups and financial institutions to offer, quote and process life insurance. It is a private label, outsourced solution that gives companies everything they need to offer quality life insurance and fulfillment service. Once the cases are submitted, the Quick Life processing center performs all quality control, processing, requirement chasing and case management on the policies to get them in force most efficiently. A central dashboard allows advisors to refer clients, submit electronic applications, check case status, run reports, and communicate with their own dedicated Quick Life team. It is the most efficient way to distribute high volumes of life insurance. To view the case process, click here.

To find out more, please visit: www.quicklifecenter.com/howitworks.aspx

Quick Life

Drop Ticket

Drop Ticket is a fee-based model that gives producers the convenience needed to quickly place an order and move on to other profitable activities without getting caught up in processing applications or chasing medical professionals and other underwriting requirements. Unlike using various carrier ticket processes, producers with your Drop Ticket platform are guaranteed a consistent experience with all the carriers you choose to include.

  • Private-labeled with your branding
  • Production through YOUR GA contracts
  • Proper quoting to enhance placement rates
  • You control producer relationships, contracts and case management
  • Multi-carriers including those without a ticket process of their own

How it works:

  • Producer quotes and submits an electronic short form
  • TLIC completes part 1 and schedules the exam
  • Exam requirements and signatures obtained in the field
  • In good order application packet is ready for submission to underwriting

In the News...The Life Insurance Center Expands Product Line

To view the process, click here.

Contact Pat Wedeking today for more information on either models.
(800) 286-7842 x711

Drop Ticket

Direct to Consumer

Enhanced look, improved experience...same great full-service contact center! Your customers and website visitors have direct access to quality life insurance with the click of a mouse. They see the best offers in the industry today supported with prompt, world class service from our national contact center. The customer experience culminates with the delivery of quality life insurance products.... quickly.

To find out more, please visit: www.quicklifeconsumersite.com and to view the process, click here.

Direct to Consumer Site


Tele-Interview is a process that uses trained professionals to collect personal and health-related information from the proposed insured over the phone. These services allow agencies and carriers to offer abbreviated application forms and processes for agents in the field which translates to more business.  The Life Insurance Center services are unique, and better than paramed company services in these ways:

1. We deploy licensed professionals to conduct these interviews which means more information can be gathered and more questions can be answered by our representatives.
The benefit for you? Fewer orders kicked back to agents for completion and faster cycle time.

2. Our licensed professionals know and understand current underwriting niches for the top carriers in the industry.
The benefit for you? When information is discovered during the interview, your team will receive notification and can prevent ratings and declines before they happen.

3. We care more about ultimate placement of the policy. We understand that the tele-interview is still a part of the sales process, not the fulfillment process. A significant difference.
The benefit for you? Fewer drop outs and higher conversion rates.